ICANN obligations relating to the provision of registrar services by third parties

ICANN obligations relating to the provision of registrar services by third parties (extracted from paragraph 3.12 of the RAA 2013)

  1. In the paragraphs below, “Reseller” means person or entity that participates in Registrar’s distribution channel for domain name registrations, providing providing some or all Registrar Services, including collecting registration data about Registered Name Holders, submitting that data to Registrar, or facilitating the entry of the registration agreement between the Registrar and the Registered Name Holder.
  2. Reseller will not display the ICANN or ICANN-Accredited Registrar logo, or otherwise represent itself as Accredited by ICANN, unless it has written permission from ICANN to do so.
  3. Any registration agreement used by Reseller shall include all registration agreement provisions and notices required by the ICANN Registrar Accreditation Agreement 2013 and any ICANN Consensus Policies, and shall identify the sponsoring registrar or provide a means for identifying the sponsoring registrar, such as a link to the InterNIC WHOIS lookup service.
  1. Reseller will identify the sponsoring registrar upon inquiry from its end client.
  2. Reseller will not knowingly accept registrations from any provider of proxy and privacy registration services that is not approved by Registrar or accredited by ICANN pursuant the Proxy Accreditation Program (once such Program is in force). Please note Registrar is obliged to escrow proxy / privacy customer contact information (but such information may only be accessed by ICANN in the event of the termination of Registrar Accreditation Agreement or if Registrar ceases business operations).
  3. Reseller will provide its end clients with a link to the ICANN webpage detailing registrant educational information:
  4. Reseller acknowledges that if the Registrar learns that Reseller is causing the Registrar to be in breach of any of the these terms, the Registrar shall take reasonable steps to enforce these terms with Reseller so as to cure and prevent further instances of non-compliance.
  5. Reseller will publish on its website(s) and/or provide a link to the Registrants’ Benefits and Responsibilities Specification: and shall not take any action inconsistent with the corresponding provisions of the ICANN Registrar Accreditation Agreement 2013 or applicable law.