Domain Name Portfolio Management

Domain name portfolio management

Com Laude offers corporate domain name management for brand owners, law firms and trademark attorneys worldwide. Our clients expect the highest level of service from our experts. We manage domain name portfolios, registering and renewing domains in every extension available – gTLDs, new gTLDs and ccTLDs, for world leaders in luxury goods, fashion, tobacco, food and wellness, pharmaceuticals, media, online gaming and the firms that represent them. We have all the tools you need to secure your domains.

The importance of reliable domain name portfolio management

If you’re a business managing global brands then chances are you have hundreds, if not thousands, of domain names to promote and protect your brands in different territories, vertical sectors, campaigns, and other online spaces. You’re probably adding to your portfolio on a regular basis too. Managing this portfolio can be a complex, time-consuming task and yet it cannot be treated as a secondary priority – every year there are additions to the list of corporations who fail to renew a critical domain.

Partnering to manage your domain name portfolio

Com Laude provides reliable and secure domain name portfolio management to corporations and enterprises that manage global brands. To do so, we employ client managers armed with extensive knowledge to govern the entire domain portfolio management process. Our secure online systems and management processes ensure that your domains are handled professionally at all times, renewed when needed and updated as required, so you don’t have to worry. We take away the pain of managing thousands of domains and ensure that your domain name portfolio is secure.

How we help you

If you’re introducing new brands we help with domain name acquisition. If you’re divesting we help with reviewing your portfolio and sizing it to meet your needs. If you’re entering new territories we help you secure the right domains. If you’re not sure how the 100’s of new gTLDs being launched at the moment effect you, we guide you, ensuring you protect the names you need and ignore the irrelevant ones.

What makes Com Laude the right partner for domain name portfolio management

Safeguarding your brand lies at the heart of what we do. We ensure that brand owners, law firms and trademark attorneys have a specific contact at Com Laude, no part of the process is outsourced. This allows us to build strong relationships with our clients, adds an extra layer of security and ultimately the portfolio is safe. We support you throughout the domain name lifecycle: registration, renewal, acquisition, recovery, disposal.

As part of the domain name portfolio management and brand protection service, we offer strategic advice and secure, functional systems that make management of the portfolio as simple as possible.

  • We are the market leader in high quality domain name portfolio management
  • We offer a tailored service, flexible and responsive
  • Our experts are recognised as amongst the best in the domain name industry, we participate at INTA, ICANN, ITMA and other key domain and brand protection fora
  • We have unparalleled expertise in all aspects of domain management, from acquisitions to renewals and recoveries

Our full range of secure services make domain name portfolio management predictable and trouble free. We provide state-of-the-art technical solutions, resilient systems and clear advice on domain strategy to the world’s leading companies. Amongst domain name providers, we are renowned for the high quality of our service, the transparency of our charges, and the clarity of our thinking. First-rate client management is provided by a dedicated, multilingual team of highly skilled domain name experts, supported by specialists in domain name investigation and acquisition. Our client managers are directly accessible to you by phone or email and are renowned for delivering a personal, reliable service. They are in tune with business needs and developments in the domain name industry, so they are able to offer strategic advice that is specific to your organisation. Our client services processes are independently monitored and accredited to the ISO 9001 standard.

What our clients say about us:

“Anyone who is serious about Corporate Domain Management would have to seriously consider Com Laude.” “We have acquired a number of businesses with domain portfolios, and each time I fight to migrate the portfolio to Com Laude.”

Domain name consultancy

To further our vision of a domain name system in which trademarks and brands can flourish, we advise major brand owners on:

  • Sunrise schemes
  • Rights protection mechanisms
  • New domain extension launches – ccTLDs and gTLDs
  • Policy
  • Benchmarking assessments and audits
  • Outsourcing reviews
  • Domain portfolio evaluation
  • New gTLD application and registry operation (see Valideus)

Domain Intelligence is a new service for brand owners who want to shape the future of the domain industry but are time starved. We attend the industry events for you. We find out what you need to know, tell you when you need to take action and provide you with options for how you can stay ahead of the game.

Why sign up?

  • Relevant and timely insight into the latest developments in the world of domains</li
  • Save time: We attend the relevant fora, sift through the reams of data and information, and present you only with what’s relevant and useful
  • Track the development of round 2 (Subsequent Procedures) of the new gTLDs and help you be ready to apply for your dot brand
  • Help shape the future of domain name policy and industry developments – rights protection measures, the UDRP, the next round of new gTLDs

Features of the service:

  • We report back a minimum of 3 times a year on latest developments
  • We send you call to action alerts as and when comment periods / opportunities to shape policy open and are about to close
  • We provide information on the latest use cases for dot brands
  • We include an ICANN 101 slide deck for the uninitiated and help you understand how to navigate and engage this and other domain fora – remotely or in person

Get in touch in the contact form below if you are interested in finding out more

Corporate Domain management


Each Com Laude client manager is an expert in a number of top-level domains. This means that we register domain names across the world, in every country-code and generic registry open to corporate applicants. Our team knows the ins and outs of every registry: we provide truly global coverage through our experts in London, our network of local agents and our registry accreditations. We advise on new registry launches and keep you informed of Sunrise and Landrush opportunities and risks. If you need to acquire domains that are held by others we have a full suite of services to help reclaim them for you.


We have a highly robust and very secure renewals process. We place your names on Auto-Renewal as standard, meaning that we will never lapse a name unless you specifically instruct us to. Your Com Laude Client Manager is responsible for each transaction from beginning to end (there is no “remote fulfilment centre” at Com Laude) so there is attention to detail and oversight at every stage of each domain transaction you request from us. We inform you in advance of renewals that are coming up and automatically renew those you wish to keep. This means that you can relax, confident that your domains are being taken care of.


If you need to assign a domain name, we have a proven process with checks and double checks. Our client managers are experts at this delicate process. We lock out third parties, we maintain your settings, and we minimise risk.

Local presence/proxy services

We have developed a trusted network of local presence services to ensure we are able to action domain management services on your behalf anywhere in the world.

Online portal - DNS-Dashboard®

We operate a state-of-the-art online domain name management portal called the DNS-Dashboard® designed in conjunction our clients. Authorised users who pass our stringent security tests can access the service at any time, from anywhere, and use the DNS-Dashboard® for reporting on the portfolio, searching, checking lapse dates and ordering new names. You can use the DNS-Dashboard® to provision all of your gTLDs and many ccTLDs. We also have clients who prefer to simply instruct the Com Laude Client Manager to undertake such tasks on their behalf. The DNS-Dashboard® also has a technical side that enables domain name website activation or addition of emails within minutes. We built the first domain name management console in the 1990s. Our DNS-Dashboard® benefits from this unmatched experience. It offers you:

  • Portfolio management of all your domains including extended registration information
  • Powerful search and reporting tools
  • Bulk registration and edit facilities
  • Simple renewal and lapse instructions
  • A hierarchy of user privileges


We take the security and stability of your domain names very seriously, so we maintain all of your details including the passwords for your accounts with registries around the world in escrow.

DNS services

We offer DNS hosting to our clients so you can host your domain names on our servers, at no additional cost. We have a secure and proven technical architecture featuring servers in UK, the USA and Germany with a 24/7 helpline for non-resolving domains. For premium names that are commerce critical we are able to offer Premium DNS.

Client management services

We produce a quarterly Domain Name Newsletter to keep you informed of relevant industry developments. We also distribute Newsflashes when there are urgent matters of concern and offer specific and bespoke advice and consultancy at any time concerning domain name/online brand management/protection matters. You will have a dedicated Client Manager who handles all aspects of your portfolio’s management so nothing can “fall through the gaps”. They are personally accountable for liaising with you, advising you on strategy and new developments and managing your requests smoothly, swiftly and securely.

New client management

You are in safe hands with Com Laude. We have refined our New Client Take-on process to minimise cost and risk. From the moment you engage us, we are alert to your needs, working to protect your reputation online.


We have a tried and tested Project Management methodology for transferring a portfolio of names into our care, designed to minimise risk and the resources that you need to apply in-house. We analyse your portfolio and create a Transfer Plan with you that features clear steps and a timeline that meets your requirements. We are careful to ensure that we know which of your domain names are live (pointing to a website or carrying email) before we commence a transfer. We have options that can minimise cost, for example transferring domains to us shortly before renewal dates fall due, or we may transfer brand-by-brand, or country-by-country. We take on the tricky business of managing registry and registrar passwords and we work with you to ensure all records are harmonised according to your needs, up-to-date and accurate. We allocate all necessary resources to make sure the transfer is smooth and fast.

Domain name audits

The purpose of a domain name audit is to help you to prioritise your domains, by categorising those business-critical domains that you must keep, those that are defensive registrations and those that are no longer useful or relevant. Generally, we find that an audit enables our clients to reduce their portfolio by 10% – 20% of its size in the 12-month period following the audit. However, some clients may also need to register new domains to fill gaps in the portfolio that are being exploited by infringers.

Concluding the audit, we produce a final report with recommendations to ensure your portfolio management strategy is best suited to your business. We identify target lists of domains to be cancelled, third-party registrations that may be infringing, jurisdictions where you may wish to file new registrations and a list of domains where harmonisation is appropriate.

Domain name reporting

We can provide you with status reports on your portfolio as often as you would like them. We can also help you to produce customised reports in our DNS-Dashboard® at any time.

These reports include information such as:

  • Number of domain name registrations;
  • Registration patterns;
  • Number of domains to lapse or renew in the next six months;

  • Registration and expiration dates;
  • Number of domains with application pending.

We also hold annual review meetings with you in order to ensure that we continue to provide a service that fits your needs. It helps us to know your strategic priorities.

Domain name watching

We can provide you with a regular Domain Name Watching service for new registrations that are confusingly similar to your company name or your trademarks.

The reports are delivered electronically and feature the full registration record, a screen capture of any associated website, links to the record at the registry and to the website itself (so you can visit and see the latest content). Domain name watching helps you stay in control of your brand online.

Domain name recovery

Whether you are launching a new brand, introducing a new product, embarking on a fresh marketing campaign, dislodging a cybersquatter, or combating fraudulent activities, Com Laude can help you to secure the domain names that are valuable to your business.


If a domain you want is owned by a third party, we can track it and snap it up for you if it is not renewed. We have advanced monitoring and fast reaction systems and a good reputation with the drop-catcher community, whom we sometimes partner with.

UDRP, URS and domain reclaims

Com Laude helps clients to evaluate their options when facing cybersquatting and other domain name enforcement issues. We can help you decide which rights protection measures to use and to set your budgets. We have an extensive network of lawyers in private practice covering many jurisdictions who can help you file administrative proceedings such as UDRP or URS complaints.

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