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Domain Name Portfolio Management

Domain Portfolio Management

The importance of maintaining a domain portfolio and managing this efficiently

If you're a business managing global brands then chances are you have hundreds, if not thousands, of domain names to promote and protect your brands in different territories, vertical sectors, campaigns, and other online spaces. You're probably adding to your portfolio on a regular basis too. Managing this portfolio can be a complex, time-consuming task and yet it cannot be treated as a secondary priority - every year there are additions to the list of corporations who fail to renew a critical domain.

Partnering to manage your domain name portfolio

Com Laude provides reliable and secure domain name portfolio management to corporations and enterprises that manage global brands. To do so, we employ client managers armed with extensive knowledge to govern the entire domain portfolio management process. Our secure online systems and management processes ensure that your domains are handled professionally at all times, renewed when needed and updated as required, so you don't have to worry. We take away the pain of managing thousands of domains and ensure that your domain name portfolio is secure.

How we help you

If you're introducing new brands we help with domain name acquisition. If you're divesting we help with reviewing your portfolio and sizing it to meet your needs. If you're entering new territories we help you secure the right domains. If you're not sure how the 100's of new gTLDs being launched at the moment effect you, we guide you, ensuring you protect the names you need and ignore the irrelevant ones.

What makes Com Laude the right partner for domain name portfolio management

Safeguarding your brand lies at the heart of what we do. We ensure that brand owners, law firms and trademark attorneys have a specific contact at Com Laude, no part of the process is outsourced. This allows us to build strong relationships with our clients, adds an extra layer of security and ultimately the portfolio is safe. We support you throughout the domain name lifecycle: registration, renewal, acquisition, recovery, disposal.

As part of the domain name portfolio management and brand protection service, we offer strategic advice and secure, functional systems that make management of the portfolio as simple as possible.

  • We are the market leader in high quality domain name portfolio management
  • We offer a tailored service, flexible and responsive
  • Our experts are recognised as amongst the best in the domain name industry, we participate at INTA, ICANN, ITMA and other key domain and brand protection fora
  • We have unparalleled expertise in all aspects of domain management, from acquisitions to renewals and recoveries

What our clients say about us:

“We have acquired a number of businesses with domain portfolios, and each time I fight to migrate the portfolio to Com Laude.”