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Corporate Domain Name Management

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Com Laude is an ICANN accredited registrar, which offers a full range of professional domain name management services for brand owners, law firms and trademark attorneys worldwide. We register and renew domains in every extension available - gTLDs, new gTLDs and ccTLDs - and we manage domain name portfolios for global leaders in fashion, finance, food and wellness, luxury goods, media, online gaming, pharmaceuticals, and more.

We are focussed on corporate domain name management. Our full range of secure services make domain name portfolio management predictable and trouble free. We provide state-of-the-art technical solutions, resilient systems and clear advice on domain strategy to the world's leading companies. Amongst domain name providers, we are renowned for the high quality of our service, the transparency of our charges, and the clarity of our thinking.

What our clients say about us:

“Anyone who is serious about CDM would have to seriously consider Com Laude.”  

You are in safe hands with Com Laude. We have refined our New Client Take-on process to minimise cost and risk. From the moment you engage us, we are alert to your needs, working to protect your reputation online.

We have a tried and tested Project Management methodology for transferring a portfolio of names into our care, designed to minimise risk and the resources that you need to apply in-house. We analyse your portfolio and create a Transfer Plan with you that features clear steps and a timeline that meets your requirements. We are careful to ensure that we know which of your domain names are live (pointing to a website or carrying email) before we commence a transfer. We have options that can minimise cost, for example transferring domains to us shortly before renewal dates fall due, or we may transfer brand-by-brand, or country-by-country. We take on the tricky business of managing registry and registrar passwords and we work with you to ensure all records are harmonised according to your needs, up-to-date and accurate. We allocate all necessary resources to make sure the transfer is smooth and fast.

Each Com Laude client manager is an expert in a number of top-level domains. This means that we register domain names across the world, in every country-code and generic registry open to corporate applicants. Our team knows the ins and outs of every registry: we provide truly global coverage through our experts in London, our network of local agents and our registry accreditations. We advise on new registry launches and keep you informed of Sunrise and Landrush opportunities and risks. If you need to acquire domains that are held by others we have a full suite of services to help reclaim them for you.

We have a highly robust and very secure renewals process as, unlike many other providers, we place your names on Auto-Renewal as standard, meaning that we will never lapse a name unless you specifically instruct us to. Your Com Laude Client Manager is responsible for each transaction from beginning to end (there is no “remote fulfilment centre” at Com Laude) so there is attention to detail and oversight at every stage of each domain transaction you request from us. We inform you in advance of renewals that are coming up and automatically renew those you wish to keep. This means that you can relax, confident that your domains are being taken care of.

If you need to assign a domain name, we have a proven process with checks and double checks. Our client managers are experts at this delicate process. We lock out third parties, we maintain your settings, and we minimise risk.

We have developed a trusted network of local presence services to ensure we are able to action domain management services on your behalf anywhere in the world.

We operate a state-of-the-art online domain name management portal called the DNS-Dashboard® designed in conjunction with some of our clients. Authorised users who pass our stringent security tests can access the service at any time, from anywhere, and use the DNS-Dashboard® for reporting on the portfolio, searching, checking lapse dates and ordering new names. It is the domain equivalent of a trademark management system. You can use the DNS-Dashboard® to provision all of your gTLDs and many ccTLDs. We also have clients who prefer to simply instruct the Com Laude Client Manager to undertake such tasks on their behalf.

The DNS-Dashboard® also has a technical side that enables domain name website activation or addition of emails within minutes. We built the first domain name management console in the 1990s. Our DNS-Dashboard® benefits from this unmatched experience. It offers you:

  • Portfolio management of all your domains including extended registration information
  • Powerful search and reporting tools
  • Bulk registration and edit facilities
  • Simple renewal and lapse instructions
  • A hierarchy of user privileges

We take the security and stability of your domain names very seriously, so we maintain all of your details including the passwords for your accounts with registries around the world in escrow.

We offer DNS hosting to our clients so you can host your domain names on our servers, at no additional cost. We have a secure and proven technical architecture featuring servers in UK, the USA and Germany with a 24/7 helpline for non-resolving domains. For premium names that are commerce critical we are able to offer Premium DNS.

We produce a quarterly Domain Name Newsletter to keep you informed of relevant industry developments. We also distribute Newsflashes when there are urgent matters of concern and offer specific and bespoke advice and consultancy at any time concerning domain name/online brand management/protection matters.

You will have a dedicated Client Manager who handles all aspects of your portfolio’s management so nothing can “fall through the gaps”. They are personally accountable for liaising with you, advising you on strategy and new developments and managing your requests smoothly, swiftly and securely.