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Why have Google turned their links black?

9 May 2016

Google appear to have started doing some testing on how they represent search results pages. Some people are seeing black links instead of the traditional blue links. Several theories abound about the search giant and how it tests responses to colours through A/B testing scenarios.

We'll add our own theory - they're putting the value back in the URL. The URL is the only piece of returned text from a site that is showing in a different colour (green). Is this Google's way of helping to highlight for the user which pages they are likely to be going to? Given their interest in the new TLDs (they already make use of and, is this Google reminding the world of the importance of domains?

One day Google may come out and tell us what they're testing and what the impacts were, until then we'll watch with interest to see if this (not yet very popular) change becomes permanent.