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.UK – Second-level domains from 2014

Written by: 
Mercedes Vivó
4 December 2013

Nominet, the registry operator for the .UK country code Top Level Domain, has announced that it is set to introduce registration of domains directly under the second level .UK, e.g. COMLAUDE.UK.
From summer 2014, second-level domain names that do not have an equivalent name already registered as a .CO.UK or a .ORG.UK, will be available on a first-come, first served basis.
Holders of existing third-level .UK domains (.CO.UK, .ORG.UK, etc) will be offered the second-level equivalent of their current domain and will be given five years to decide whether they want to use it in addition to, or instead of their existing third-level domain.
Where the same domain is currently registered under more than one third-level, eg COMLAUDE.CO.UK and COMLAUDE.ORG.UK, the shorter domain will be offered to the .CO.UK registrant.
Nominet will continue to offer registration of domains under its existing third-levels (.CO.UK, .ORG.UK, .NET.UK, .ME.UK, .PLC.UK, .LTD.UK and .SCH.UK).
Pricing for new domains will be GBP 3.50 per year for single year registrations and GBP 2.50 per year for multi-year registrations. Com Laude fees are additional and VAT will be added where applicable.
Further details to follow, with a launch date to be announced by Nominet by February 2014.