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New gTLD Updates | SUCKS.COM - Speculation about third-level domains, Amazon Japanese IDN TLDs - Change of GA date, Domain Releases for Uniregistry & more

Written by: 
Kirsty Holmes
12 July 2017

SUCKS.COM - Speculation about third-level domains
We have read speculation that the owner of SUCKS.COM will start selling domains unofficially at the third level (see here); if they were to start reselling those names, they would be doing so outside of the ICANN regulatory environment without any of the important intellectual property protections provided in all of the other gTLDs.  At Com Laude, we believe that these types of third-level registries are simply ways to make money off the defensive registrations of businesses and organisations and add little or no value to the Internet community.  We will keep our clients informed as we monitor for further developments.

Amazon Registry Japanese IDN TLDs - Change of date for General Availability

Please note that the General Availability launch date for Amazon Registry Services, Inc.’s Japanese IDN TLDs, below, has been updated from 30 July 2017 to 12 September 2017 (14:00 UTC):

.書籍 (.book in Japanese)

.クラウド (.cloud in Japanese)

.ファッション (.fashion in Japanese)

.食品 (.food in Japanese)

.セール (.sale in Japanese)

.ストア (.store in Japanese)

.家電 (.consumerelectronics in Japanese)

.WHOSWHO - Policy Updates and Notice of price increase
The registry operator for the .WHOSWHO TLD has announced that it has restored the prohibition on all types of pornography as well as all adult uses.
Furthermore, from 8 January 2018, .WHOSWHO domains priced in premium tiers will renew at the same tier of registration, not at standard pricing.  Please note there will be no changes to standard pricing at this time.
.CAM - IDNs now available in Hebrew and Tai Viet
The .CAM registry has announced that it now supports IDNs in Hebrew and Tai Viet language characters.
.FROGANS - Transfer of Registrations to new holders now possible
The registry operator for .FROGANS, OP3FT, has announced that it is now possible for holders of .FROGANS addresses and .FROGANS networks to transfer their registrations to new holders.
.SHOP - Release of Premium Domains
Registry operator GMO Registry, Inc. has announced the release of twelve new premium domains as follows:

These will renew at the standard .SHOP renewal fee and Trademark Claims will apply for the first 90 days after release. 
.SAARLAND - Premium ‘Administration’ Domains Price Reduction
Registry operator dotSaarland GmbH has announced that more than 100 premium domain names from the field of administration can now be registered at the standard price.
Radix Registry - Updated Premium Domain Lists for .SITE, .ONLINE and .STORE
Registry operator Radix has announced it will be updating the premium lists for its TLDs .SITE, .ONLINE and .STORE on 17 July 2017, where some names will be removed from the list or moved to a lower premium tier and also on 14 September 2017, where some domains will be added to the premium list or moved to a higher premium tier.
Uniregistry - Release of Premium and Name Collision Domains (including 1 and 2-character)
Uniregistry has announced that on 26 July 2017 (17:00 UTC) it will release 38,000 premium domain names as well as the remaining 101,000 domains previously on ICANN’s Names Collision list for its TLDs, eg WEDDING.FLOWERS and ACOUSTIC.GUITARS.
All premium names released will have premium tier pricing, with the exception of .JUEGOS and .HOSTING domains, which will be at standard pricing.


Only one and two-character names released from the Names Collision list will be premium and the remainder will be at standard pricing.  Please note that this release is only for domains in TLDs managed by Uniregistry, Corp., not its registry partners .CAR, .CARS, .AUTO and .COUNTRY - no new names will be released in those TLDs.
Uniregistry TLDs:
Minds + Machines - Updates to premium name lists
Registry operator Minds + Machines has reviewed the pricing for the following TLDs and such pricing changes, which include a number of previously unpriced and premium priced names being moved to a standard price, will take effect on 22 August 2017 (16:00 UTC).  For those unsold domains where prices are being increased, the registry has reserved those domains and will re-release them with the new prices on this date.

There have also been some changes to the .LONDON premium domain list, which will be updated and released on 22 August 2017 with updated pricing.
.BAYERN - Updates to reserved domains and Premium renewal update
The list of reserved .BAYERN names has also been reviewed and these will be available from 22 August 2017 (16:00 UTC).  Furthermore, all premium names sold on or after 22 August 2017 (16:00 UTC) will renew at the .BAYERN standard rate (note that any premium name registrations prior to 22 August 2017 (15:59 UTC) will continue to renew at the existing premium renewal rates).
.TUBE - New premium tier pricing and release of thousands of .TUBE reserved names
The registry operator for the .TUBE new gTLD, Latin American Telecom LLC, has announced it is to release thousands of previously reserved .TUBE domain names on 26 September 2017.  Updated premium domain tiered pricing will also apply from this date.
. (.xn--czr694b) - Chinese for “trademark” - Complimentary Registration Years
The Dot Trademark registry has announced the launch of a registration and renewal offer, under which applicants who successfully register or renew a domain under .商标 (.xn--czr694b - Chinese for “trademark”) will gain Complimentary Registration Years (CRYs) according to the registration/renewal periods as follows:
One-time registration/renewal period (years) Complimentary Registration Years (CRY)
10 6
9 5
8 4
7 3
6 2
5 1
Use of complimentary registration years
1. This offer is applicable to both new registrations and renewals of Dot Trademark names.
2. All gained CRYs are non-transferrable and non-redeemable, and can be used by the same registrant only.
3. As the annual fees of Dot Trademark names are priced differently based on 4 naming methods, the use of CRYs is restricted to the types of Dot Trademark names for which the annual fees are not higher than the annual fee of the type of Dot Trademark name used to gain the relevant CRY(s).
4. The registration period of any newly registered or renewed Dot Trademark name including any used CRY(s) shall not exceed 10 years.
5. The maximum renewable period of a Dot Trademark name is the remaining number of years before its registration period reaches 10 years (it will be counted as 1 year if the remaining period is less than one year).
6. CRYs will expire 30 days after the registration or renewal date of the relevant Dot Trademark name.
This offer is valid until 30 September 2017.
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