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Domain registrations across all top-level domains reach 330.6 million

31 July 2017

Verisign has published the latest issue of its Domain Industry Brief report, which covers Q1 of 2017 and provides useful statistics about the state of the market. Domain registrations across all top-level domains have reached 330.6 million, an increase of 3.7% year over year. There were also 9.5 million new .COM and .NET domain registrations in Q1 2017, slightly down from Q1 2016, where the comparable figure was 10 million new registrations.

The only change in top 10 list of TLDs was .NL, which has overtaken .XYZ and moved into 9th place with 5.7 million registrations.

The report also looks at new gTLD performance in Q1 2017, which now total 25.4 million or 7.7% of total domain name registrations. This is an increase, unsurprisingly, of more than 9 million, year over year, but does represent a very slight decrease over the previous quarter. The top 10 new gTLDs now represent 64.1% of all new gTLD registrations.