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.xn--rovu88b (.書籍 - .BOOK in Japanese) and .xn--bck1b9a5dre4c (.ファッション - .FASHION in Japanese) - Update to GA dates
Registry operator Amazon Registry Services, Inc. has announced that the General Availability launch date for two of its Japanese IDN TLDs has changed from 12 September as follows:
.xn--rovu88b (.書籍) - .BOOK in Japanese: 31 January 2018
.xn--bck1b9a5dre4c (.ファッション) - .FASHION in Japanese: 1 November 2017

Written by Kirsty Holmes   6 September 2017  

Following a public consultation last year, the registry operator for the .MT ccTLD in Malta, NIC(Malta), is implementing changes to its domain name registration policy and as from 1 December 2017, it will be possible to register domain names directly under the second level .MT, eg MYNAME.MT.   Registrations of third-level domain names, such as MYNAME.COM.MT will remain possible.

Written by Kirsty Holmes   4 September 2017  

.RO - Introduction of Annual Maintenance Fee for domains

The .RO Registry in Romania, ICI Bucharest, has announced that following consultation it will introduce an annual maintenance fee for .RO domains (in all existing extensions).
The fee will be introduced from 01 March 2018 and domain owners will be able to renew domains from 1 to 10 years.  The expiry date of existing domains will be calculated taking into account the principle that the old registration fee should cover at least 5 years of maintenance from the date of registration or trade.  This means that a domain registered in 2016 will not be due for its first renewal until 2021.

Written by Kirsty Holmes   25 August 2017  

July 2017 saw the International Trademark Association (INTA) publish a report which assess the cost of brand protection in light of the ICANN New gTLD Program which began in 2012.

During the development of the New gTLD Program, the trademark community expressed concerns that an expanded TLD landscape would be open to abuse and therefore be expensive for brand owners who would be forced to protect their IP.

17 August 2017  

The .SC Registry for Seychelles,, has announced the release of .SC registry reserved inventory domains and 1&2 character premium domains from 01 September 2017 after 15:00 UTC.  Please note that the applications are first-come, first-served.

For further information and to check registration and renewal pricing, please contact your Client Manager or


Written by Kirsty Holmes   11 August 2017