July 26, 2019

New ccTLD Update | Update on .eu domains and Brexit and launch of .eu in Greek

Update on .eu domains and Brexit

EURid the Registry for .eu domain names, has issued a communication concerning the .eu domains registered by UK entities and residents following the updated notice issued by the European Commission last week.

On 19 October 2019 Regulation (EU) 2019/517 comes into effect and amends the eligibility requirements to register a .eu domain name. Eligible persons will be:

I. a Union citizen, independently of their place of residence;

II. a natural person who is not a Union citizen and who is a resident of a Member State;

III. an undertaking that is established in the Union; or

IV. an organisation that is established in the Union, without prejudice to the application of national law.

As of 31 October 2019, the expected date of the withdrawal of the UK from the EU, registrants of .eu domain names who are from the United Kingdom (natural and legal persons) and third country nationals (i.e. persons who are not a Union citizen) will no longer be eligible to register or renew .eu domains. Regarding the current registered .eu domains, the Registry will be entitled to revoke such domain name on its own initiative. You can read the full announcement here. We will continue to work with you to transition your names to EU entities.

Launch of .eu in Greek on 14 November 2019

EURid has also announced that the “ευ” (xn--qxa6a) TLD has officially completed the Fast Track process and, as a result, EURid will start the delegation process for this TLD. The launch date of the .ευ (.eu in Greek) is scheduled for 14 November 2019.

The Registry will issue further updates on the process of the .eu eligibility criteria in the coming weeks.

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