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We partner with a range of different businesses to deliver full service brand protection solutions to our clients.


We partner with resellers to service large corporations who wish to manage all their brand protection services through one company. Often, Intellectual Property specialist law firms will partner with us for the purpose of delivering domain name management services to their clients. 

White label

We have a white label solution for the delivery of domain name portfolio services to enterprise clients. In this scenario we offer a white label version of our client dashboard, for the partner to brand themselves and offer a full service domain name portfolio management program. We ensure the technical stuff works and let others (typically large IP protection businesses) do all the client servicing.

Service delivery

We have service delivery partners who support us with specific solutions that match either market needs or other services which we do not specialise in. For example we partner with

  • One Stop IP to service a number of clients for whom the One Stop approach is more appropriate
  • INCOPRO to deliver further online brand protection and anti-piracy services
  • Walters Kluwer - Corsearch to deliver trademark search and watching services

Get in touch

If you're interested in partnering with us on any aspect of brand protection or domain name portfolio management please do get in touch: